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Grocery shopping will be super fast and easy than ever!

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How it works

Next time you go to stores, be confident with StoList in hand. There will be no more wandering around and pondering what to get.
Just in 4 easy steps:

Get Stolist

Download StoList for free from the stores

Create lists

Create a shopping list for each store

Add items

Add items need to buy, arrange items by aisles

Do the shopping

Get items in check lists, update price for total mount


Just smart enough, StoList provides only features that you need,
no-less and no-more !

Add items ...

Quickly add multiple items to shopping list, especially frequent and recent items


Add items by browsing all items you have been entering to the list since the first use

Share catalog

Share prices on products and inventory of stores, friend with friend

Store map

Keep a photo of store map so you can easily find aisles

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Manage categories

Add, arrange categories by aisles order in the store

Send list

Send items need to buy to someone by instant message or email

Total amount

Summarize cost of items in list and in your cart to avoid over budget

Product picture

Add a picture of product so you can find it later at store